Support Though Coffee


Support Though Coffee!

Mochaberry Coffee will be donating a portion of proceeds from every bag of coffee sold online or in the café during the month of March 2023 to Headwaters Health Care Foundation.  We are so grateful for all that the Headwaters Health Care Foundation does for our community and thought this would be a positive way to help.

The funds donated to the Headwaters Health Care Foundation are used locally and goes toward things like much needed equipment.  One of the pieces of medical equipment they are raising funds for is a Blood Warmer & Infuser.  This equipment warms the blood under 300 mmgh pressure with consistency and pressure to IV fluid bags to provide secure and simple administration of fluids to flow through.  The blood transfusion under normal room temperature lowers patient’s mean body temperature, leading to hypothermia.  Therefore, blood warmer also helps prevent heat loss and it increases patient comfort while cancer patients are immunocompromised along with comorbidities or cancer.

Each bag of coffee purchases online or in the café from Mochaberry Coffee during the month of March will help our local hospital get that much closer to purchasing this important piece of equipment.

Thank you very much for helping us support this essential local organization through coffee!


Get more info about Headwaters Healthcare Foundation here: Headwaters Health Care Foundation

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