Our new Sunshine Menu includes Banana's A-Whey Smoothie, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Almond Joy Mocha, Iced Americano, Frozen Lemonade, Fresh Red, S'more Mocha, Blended Capp

Enjoy the sun morning, day or night.  Indulge in one of our specialty drinks from our new Sunshine Menu:

Banana’s A-Whey Smoothie: All natural Banana puree blended with your choice of milk or water and a scoop of whey protein.

Frozen Hot Chocolate: Milk chocolate with your choice of milk blended with ice and topped with real whipped cream.

Almond Joy Mocha: In-house roasted espresso, perfectly steamed milk, milk chocolate, almond syrup and a touch of coconut topped with real whipped cream.

Iced Americano: Troy’s favourite, in-house roasted espresso shot over ice and cold spring water.

Frozen Lemonade: Fresh lemonade blended with ice and your favourite syrup flavour (over 20 flavours to choice from).

Fresh Red: One of the healthier choices, red espresso (rooibos tea) over apple juice and ice, full of anti oxidants and very refreshing.

S’More Mocha: In-house roasted espresso, steamed milk, dark chocolate syrup and toasted marshmallow syrup topped with real whipped cream.

Blended Cappuccino: In-house roasted espresso, your choice of milk and blended to a smooth perfection.