Mochaberry Fundraising – Information & Sign-up

Fresh Roasted Coffee!

Our fundraising program includes our most popular products to appeal to a wide range of customers. Mochaberry Coffee offers your group special pricing so you can earn a profit of $3.50 per bag of coffee or $7 per pound!

  • Light Roast Blend $5 per 227g (1/2 pound bag) – A blend with a soft flavour, nice acidity and a delicate body.
  • Medium Roast Blend $5 per 227g (1/2 pound bag) – A unique blend with sweet undertones. Roasted to be a smooth and balanced coffee.
  • Dark Roast Blend $5 per 227g (1/2 pound bag) – Full bodied and bold, this blend features robust flavours and a lush mouth fell with low acidity.
  • Decaf (WP) Blend $5.50 per 227g (1/2 pound bag) – Decaffeinated using a water process, this coffee is roasted to a medium to dark level and is full in body and richly flavoured.
  • Organic Fair Trade Blend $5.50 per 227g (1/2 pound bag) – Bright and crisp with a nutty aroma, this coffee possesses a lively, medium body.
  • Hot Chocolate $4.25 per box (10 packets per box) – A rich and creamy hot chocolate mix that can be prepared instantly. Tastes great on its own, with milk or blended with your favourite coffee.

Payment by cash, cheque or credit card is due on pickup or delivery of your coffee. We offer free delivery within the Orangeville area.

Download a PDF version of our sign-up form, and submit by fax or mail:

Mochaberry Coffee Fundraising: 177B Broadway, Orangeville, Ontario, L9W 1K2
Phone: 1.519.217.6023 Fax: 1.519.938.5126

Let us know if you have any questions. We’re here to help!