Flow Whole Food Moon Bars now available at Mochaberry Vegan Gluten Free Organic Soy Free High Protein Raw

We are now offering “Moon Bars” at Mochaberry.Moon_Bar_Mochaberr_Coffee

Flow Whole Food Moon Bars are raw and use only raw ingredients. Because Moon Bars are not baked, heat has not been used in their processing, which can denature the nutrient profiles of the ingredients. They are also suitable for a vegan diet, as there are no animal products used, including eggs. They are gluten-free, and high in complete protein.

Eating on the go is not always ideal. Moon bars provide the convenience and the nourishment you need when you are on the go.

We have three awesome flavours to choose from:

Nutty Chocolate Hemp Bar

Cocoa Almond Hemp Bar

Coconut Chocolate Hemp Bar

Any of these are great with an Almond Latte!