Coffee and Conversation with Barrie Shepley

Join us at Mochaberry Cafe on November 14th 7pm to 8pm with our local Orangeville Public Library for coffee and conversation with Barrie Shepley.

Limited spots, please Register to reserve.

Our Barista’s will be crafting some unique specialty beverages for this event. They will offer lots of health benefits and are created to tentalize your taste buds. Perfect to enjoy durring our convesation with Barrie :)

Barrie’s book, Chasing Greatness, follows his journey from a small southern Ontario town without a stoplight, to Caledon and

eventually to the highest levels of Olympic sport. He shares the highs and lows of sports and will share the never spoken stories that go on before and during elite television coverage. As good of a writer as Barrie is, his real forte is public speaking, so his presentation is sure to inspire, make you laugh and might even make you shed a tear or two.

Barrie is a Caledon based Gold Medal Olympic Triathlon Coach. At the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Barrie led Simon Whitfield to the first ever Olympic gold medal in the sport of triathlon. Since 2000, Barrie has been to 5 additional Olympic Games as both coach and CBC commentator. Barrie has helped raise millions of dollars for Canadian charities and has steered hundreds of athletes to USA scholarships, World Championship medals and professional careers.

Located in dowtown Orangeville at 177 Broadway

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We look forward to seeing you!